Absolute Music 32

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  1. TOM JONES Burnin´ down the house
  2. BACKSTREET BOYS Larger than life
  3. TINA TURNER When the heartache is over
  4. PET SHOP BOYS New York City boy (The almighty definitive mix)
  5. ANTIQUE Dinata Dinata
  6. EURYTHMICS I saved the world today
  7. ANOTHER LEVEL Bomb Diggy
  8. LENE MARLIN Where I´m headed
  9. SIMPLY RED Ain´t that a lot of love
  10. BONEY M. 2000 featuring MOBI T. Daddy Cool '99
  11. LOU BEGA I got a girl
  12. MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK Strange foreign beauty
  13. GLORIA Party on my own
  14. LENNY KRAVITZ American Woman
  15. ANN LEE Voices
  16. POINT BREAK Do we rock
  17. DAVID BOWIE Thursdays child
  18. JESSICA FOLCKER Tell me why
  19. AYO Betongdjungelboken